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Buch Empfehlung

Beitragvon Drak » 06 Jan 2017, 07:38

Hab mir neulich "The Eight Bit Bard" (Autor: Aaron Rath) geholt.
Jeder der ein Faible für die alten Rollenspiele der 80iger und 90iger hat, wird an diesem Buch viel "diabolische" Freude haben.

Ich poste hier noch eine englische Review zu dem Buch, wer die versteht, versteht auch das Buch, da es nur auf englisch erschienen ist:

If you're a CRPG fan looking for a fun diversion for a few hours, I solidly recommend The Eight-Bit Bard, a "fantasy novel set to the tune of classic computer role-playing games," written Aaron Rath.

Half-parody, half-homage, the engaging and well-written book draws from a Bard's Tale theme but offers allusions to hundreds of RPGs, settings, and characters; I'm sure I missed as many as I picked up. The story concerns Endrew Aric, a moderate-level bard who finds himself abandoned by his party the moment he's level-drained in combat. He takes up with a group of Level 1 misfits and finds himself in the unexpected position (because of his higher level) of party leader.

Aaron has a great feel for the amusing vagaries of CRPG playing and decision-making. Endrew explains why the party's magician is named "Hunter2" ("for obscure legal reasons, the 2 is silent, but always scribed"), how dungeon doors work ("it was impossible to tell whether or not anything was on the other side without opening it and diving through, shouting a battle cry, and hoping for the best"), and the relationship between some characters and the mysterious god known as The Player.

Characters ponder why creatures without opposable thumbs are mysteriously found inside houses, why animals carry gold, the meaning of "xyzzy," what it means to "dig too deep," and who, exactly, writes all of the messages they're finding on the dungeon walls. We get a rare glimpse from the characters' points of view on what it's like to grind, to have to return to the temple for healing 10 minutes after you were just there, and to stand in front of the review board to "level up."

It appears we'll be answering some meta-questions about what the characters do when The Player isn't around, how they incorporate knowledge from hint books, and what happens to them when the computer crashes.
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Re: Buch Empfehlung

Beitragvon msDOSnostalgiker » 10 Jan 2017, 13:12

Das klingt aufjedenfall interessant und kommt in meine noch zu lesen Liste. :D
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